Kim lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.  Kim earned degrees in Art History from Vassar College and Law from Case Western Reserve University.  Kim’s work has been featured in juried exhibitions in Los Angeles, show catalogues, Instagram contests, a local community arts group calendar, Martha’s Vineyard magazine, and on the Jumbotron in Times Square in New York City.  In addition to her large scale print work, Kim has a beautiful line of luxe blank photographic greeting cards.

“As a Photographer, I am self-taught, learning my craft through personal study, research and countless hours of practical experience behind the camera.  I reignited my passion for photography during a year-long home renovation project in 2009.  Starting out as simply documenting the daily work on site, my photos transformed into artistic captures of building materials and common construction site debris.  It became my therapy and sparked a new career direction that I had yearned for.  In July 2011, I formally launched my photography business.  My Art History studies and subsequent work in the art world in New York City influenced my specific interest in fine art photography.”

“I continually work to refine my technical acumen while staying true to my interest in photographing what might otherwise be seen as mundane or commonplace in ways that evoke an emotional response or stir sensation within the viewer.  Each moment of encounter – with object, time, place, or person – is a choice that reflects who I am as an observer. What I love most about photography is the demand it puts on me to constantly be intrigued by new imagery, to create different interpretations, and to handle the unexpected.  It’s also a joyful way of expanding my connection to people.”  

“Some recurring themes and common threads in my work include my intense love of color, as well as stark patterns and structure in black and white format; capturing light that “paints” an object or a space; photographing windows, storefronts and other reflective surfaces to reveal simultaneous and serendipitous views of the visual world in one image; giving life to texture, shape and light; and depicting the innate “personality” of natural and inanimate subjects.”