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Abundance  ©2015All That Glitters Is Gold  ©2014Barefoot Morning  ©2015Bedtime Begonia  ©2015Blonde Bombshell  ©2011Bubbly Baubles  ©2015Can't Hold a Candle to You  ©2015Chandelicious  ©2011Cheers!  ©2010Christmas Cherub © 2016Clarity  ©2015Daisy Bling  ©2015Deck the Halls   © 2016Don't Worry. Bead Happy!  ©2013Elegance  ©2014Eye Candy  ©2015Festival of Lights © 2016Fire Stripes  ©2015Fusion  ©2011Generation to Generation  ©2015

Guestbook for Luxe Cards
Eve Wollman(non-registered)
Kim is a true artist who is still early in exploring her potential. She has a great and quick eye, and her wonderful sense of humor comes across in many of her images. In addition to her passion for texture, color, detail, and the surprises of street life, Kim brings a sense of compassion, curiosity, and integrity to each of her subjects. I purchased a set of Kim's flower cards and a mix of her Hannukah cards, and they are just beautiful. Kim's pricing is fair, and she is open, honest, and professional in her business dealings. Keep an eye out for this rising star!
Kimberly Shuck Cowan | Fine Art Photography
Wendy, thank you for your interest! Please register a customer account and then I will have your contact information and you will be able to indicate your "favorite" cards so I know what you like. The "Contact Me" link is the best way to get in touch with me!
These are gorgeous! How do I order?
Terri Harris(non-registered)
Kim S. Cowan has an amazing eye. What most of us would dismiss as mundane, she captures so artistically. I chose all my holiday cards from her collection this year. The colors were so vivid, every detail danced with exceptional clarity and the paper made each card frame worthy. I:ll definitely be back for more.
Jennine Gerrard(non-registered)
I am lucky enough to have a giant print of "blond bombshell" framed in my living room. It makes me happy every time I look at it. I also have a whole collection of the Luxe cards, which are almost a gift in themselves when you send one. They are made of thick, beautiful paper and have the artist's beautiful images on them. Lovely for regular correspondence and also to accompany gifts. I highly recommend stocking up!
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